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This video was very touching in a way, your idea of the soul after death and great memories Idea was great. You have also chose a great song to use and animated very well on the timing which also give effect to the viewer. Yet I must agree with some that the art work could have improved, but looking at some of your other vids I'm asuming that it was rushed a little. The animation itself was not as bad as it could have been, but it still kept the flow of the video (even though it was still a little chompy). All in all, I still liked it. Kept it up..... but not the same! =P


why must all of these videos have these gay ideas.

Phobotech responds:

Titanomachina: a story of a giant robot getting it on with a giant rock monster.
Tarboy: a story of how a possessed entity of robot souls gets revenge on the masters that betrayed them, not with hate...but with love...
Pigpen: a story of Pigs and how a life of sexual abuse can lead down a darker path. The people with the money control this town...and they are the pimps of the street.
Bitey of Brackenwood: fucks little yellow farting blobs for 20 minutes straight.
Waiting on the Bus: this guy is into fucking on public bus stops.
Tankmen: ....actually, they really do have their moments, but that's besides the point.

Not ALL of these videos are gay ideas; that would be stupid. But gay jokes every once and a while is STILL funny, so grow up, get a sense of humor, and quit acting like a homophobic moron.

i like it i like it i like it

Great ending. I was in the mood for some murderer to come by, but this is even better. XD

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good but a lil glitchy

there are times when the character is not responding to the keys, but other wise an okay game

Great game

The Art work is great, set up fairly well, but its too bad you can't controll the units what to attack rather then attack anything in the way

great game

good art work, good set design, even though the controls occasionally don't work sometimes. All in all a great game. High five* =(D

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Not really Kipoo

it looks more like that dude from prototype

dommi-fresh responds:

it is that dude from protype.

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